Injustices Random

A Vote for Color. A Vote for Noise. Part 1

I must have been off of social media for nearly two months before learning about the recent deaths of #GeorgeFloyd and #BreonnaTaylor. Amid protests, the quarantine regulations in Nashville had been loosening and things were finally getting back to normal. I moved here in December and since then, we have had a tornado, a few […]

Doctrine Random

False Doctrine and False Living?

  Joseph Solomon has a strong point. What are your thoughts?       Zakia Bee


I Don’t Read

A few months ago, I was shopping at a grocery store near by. I had just gotten finished paying for things, when I realized that I had forgotten to purchase batteries. Just days before, my megaphone from Amazon came in the mail and of course batteries were not included. Excited to use my megaphone for […]