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Found Treasure ft. The Grace Club Podcast

Within this blog post, author Zakia opens up about her personal life and introduces her younger cousin who has recently made Jesus Christ Lord of his life. Read and listen for more on her podcast: The Grace Club with Zakia Bee

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Total Freedom: A Testimony

Seven years and three days ago, I stood within my church’s auditorium in Philadelphia, PA. Many were in the crowd, and amongst the witnesses were my sister and eldest nephew. Standing tall with my back stretched, I publicly declared and confessed Jesus Christ as both Lord (and Messiah) of my life. And boldly so. “Go […]

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A Vote for Color. A Vote for Noise.

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False Doctrine and False Living?

  Joseph Solomon has a strong point. What are your thoughts?       Zakia Bee


I Don’t Read

A few months ago, I was shopping at a grocery store near by. I had just gotten finished paying for things, when I realized that I had forgotten to purchase batteries. Just days before, my megaphone from Amazon came in the mail and of course batteries were not included. Excited to use my megaphone for […]