M I S S I O N

The mission of Founder, Zakia Bee, starts with the 4 e’s: To enlighten, encourage, and engage all while equipping each reader through scriptures and the power of testimonies.

Meet Zakia

Hey, Fam! Thank you for visiting TheTravelingLamp.com. I am so excited to be sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and my life with you. I am a 29 year old, History major from New Jersey. I first became a Christian when I turned 23. I did not grow up Christian, however, I had always felt that I would become one some day. I grew up poor, surrounded by drug and alcohol abuse, violence and murder. The Lord, Jesus Christ, gave me hope by introducing me to an amazing married couple in Southern New Jersey. The couple invested in me, and introduced to the Bible in a whole new way. There were many on my journey to becoming a Christian. Each of them, I now believe, were deliberately sent to instruct on my path to salvation. I was baptized in the summer of 2014 and I am so thankful to God. My story has inspired me to share others’ stories and testimonies, and messages from God with as many women as I could. That desire, inspired me to start TheTravelingLamp.com. This is a community of soon to be women writers, authors, graphic designers, photographers and more. We are a two-woman show, hoping to make a life completely devoted to Jesus popular again.

I would love your help to make TheTravelingLamp.com a full-time ministry, as we spread the God’s Word through blogging. Here’s how you can help:

1) Subscribing to @BeeingZakia on YouTube.

2) LIKE & SHARE each post (including videos and Podcast episodes).

3) Make a donation of your choice using Cashapp: “$zakiabee.”

My messages are not of my own, but what I have learned as a student of Jesus Christ. I am still learning and maturing in the Lord – there lots for me study out. To every disciple of Jesus Christ, please show me grace and patience. Offer you wisdom in kindness. It is God, the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ who strengthens me. I do not expect every person unbeliever to do these things, but to you, sisters, I ask for it. Again, every blog post about with a specific message from the Lord, I will only write out of complete reverence to the Lord, my God. Life style and Tech posts will not be related to my Faith – just shared knowledge of what I have learned. May God and His Son Jesus Christ be with you forever. Amen.

– ZB

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